Friday, November 27, 2015

More things Obama has Done to Help the Environment

  • Doubling federal spending on clean energy research.
  • Pushed through a tax credit to help people buy plug-in hybrid cars. 
  • Created a program to develop renewable energy projects on the waters of our Outer Continental Shelf that will produce electricity from wind, wave, and ocean currents.
  • Required states to provide incentives to utilities to reduce their energy consumption.
  • Under Obama, our dependence on foreign oil has dropped to its lowest rate since 1985, and continues to drop. Meanwhile, consumption is way down because of reduced driving and higher mileage standards. 
  • Oversaw and pushed through an amendment to the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 authorizing advances from Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 
  • Strengthened the Endangered Species Act. 
  • Ordered energy plants to prepare to produce at least 15% of all energy through renewable resources like wind and solar, by 2021. (Republicans are trying hard to kill it.)
  • Oversaw the creation of an initiative that converts old factories and manufacturing centers into new clean technology centers. 

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